Essential equipment for a successful Facebook community: photography

Essential equipment for a successful Facebook community: photography

By far, the most popular posts on social media (measured in terms of likes, shares and comments) are those featuring great photographs. Good photography is an essential ingredient for a successful Facebook community.

Whilst camera phones and snapshot digital cameras produce acceptable photographs, it is worth investing in a Digital SLR camera. Thanks to their many automatic features and precision optics, these professional-style cameras will produce hugely better photographs, even in the hands of the most amateur photographer.

By investing around £300 you could purchase a camera that, if treated with care, will provide a useful service for many years to come. These cameras can also be used to easily record high definition video.

The Nikon D3300

We recommend the Nikon D3300 (pictured) which is now available for around £300 (price checked at £329 on 20th January 2017) with an excellent lens included. It is easy to use, has excellent online reviews and is packed with features. You can buy it online from Amazon by clicking here.

Essential extras

  • An SD memory card – this is where the camera stores the photographs. We recommend at least an 8gb card. These are inexpensively available here.
  • A bag/case for your camera – it’s worth spending a few pounds extra to get a good quality bag that will protect your very fragile camera and lenses. Remember that the camera will be carried over shoulders and in the boots of cars, so protection is essential. A good example can be found here.
  • Access to a computer with an SD card reader built in or with a USB SD card reader, for storing, editing and sharing photographs. Most modern computers will have a built-in card reader.
  • Someone to take the photographs. (See below.)
  • Good lighting is essential if you are photographing products, especially food. For small products, we recommend a studio box light tent kit like this great option.


  • A tripod for use when shooting video. You can find a very affordable one here.
  • Photo editing software for enhancing your photos. We recommend the excellent Photoshop Elements 16. It features almost all of the advanced editing features that the full version of Photoshop is so famous for, but at a fraction of the price. It is also much easier to use as it adapts to the skill level of the user. Available here. This excellent guide book will have even a beginner using the software like a professional in no time at all.

By making a modest investment, you can create stunning social media content that people will love to engage with.